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No Residue Cleaning with a bit of Help

Dec 18, 2012

That’s right, Arndt Carpet Care has been using a combination of a pre-treatment spray and our truck-mounted extraction unit to get your carpets dry in no time.  We’ve been doing this here in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the metro area since we cleaned our first carpet and with our consistent outstanding results, we don’t intend to change.

We start with a standard vacuuming, followed by our light, non-allergenic cleaning spray.  Our family is allergic to everything under the sun and we use this in our home every six months.

Then, if you are receiving our Deep Clean treatment, you will see the amazing RotoVac which scrubs your carpet, sprays a small amount of water down, and removes much of what is ailing your carpet or rug.

Want to see how much better the RotoVac will get your carpets compared to those who just “steam” your carpet with a wand?  Have a look at this video.

Call us soon to book your deep cleaning, we’ll take good care of your carpet. 612-709-3219