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The Dog Pooped, Peed and Puked on the Carpet. Now What?

Mar 06, 2016

Yes, we know all about those moments when it seems that your animal self-destructs and your left with something nobody wants on their rug or carpet. Animal soiling in any form can leave a horrid mess that stinks and stains. We are certainly familiar with this phenomenon as we had a dog – a German shepherd / lab mix – who ate just about anything he could get in his mouth and soon after would deposit it somewhere on the carpet.

My apologies for being graphic. What you want to know is, “What do I do?”

  • Step 1: Get as much of the offending material out of the carpet as soon as you can. This is the most crucial point in your clean up efforts as “exposure time” will directly affect the amount of damage.
  • Step 2: Apply as little moisture as possible. Obviously, the off-the-shelf sprays you’ll use are usually wet, but too much can lead to further wicking into the carpet pad or the sub-floor wood.

What lies beneath! A bad pet stain through to the sub-flooring wood.

If the stain and smell are gone after you self-treat everything, be warned that it can return especially with another application of moisture. The stain and smell can live below the carpet surface and return when wet. Little ones and dinner guests are very good at hitting these spots with spilled drinks. This is when you can call us in.

Let us know where the soiled spot is and we will treat with our Odorcide as well as a special urine or odor removal compound when needed. Then, we’ll clean the whole area as we normally do with our carpet cleaning solution and super-hot spray and suction.

After this, it can return again! I know, this stain seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. This occurs as our process can bring these stains back to the surface and they can reappear after the carpet is dry. Since this happens about four hours after our departure, just give us a jingle and we’ll stop by and hit it again (don’t worry, it won’t be an extra charge.) Sometimes if they’re really bad we can re-visit and clean two or three times. As we guarantee our work, you won’t have to pay for us to revisit, we won’t stop until it’s gone.

It’s never fun when these things happen, but rest assured we can help.

P.S. The answer to your other question is yes, we loved our dog very much even though he was a bit of a tough housemate.