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  • Is it just me, or do those horrible mineral deposits that end up on your faucets or near your drain just drive you nuts?  Why can't they make cleaning products to get rid of these things? However, I do remember my Grandmother coming over to visit and these stain marks and deposits vanishing, so I called her up.  "Grandma," I asked, "where did all those marks go that were in the bathroom sink?"  She lovingly replied, "Vinegar." Vinegar?!  That's it?  No expensive remedy from the store?  I was shocked.  Grandmas are good at this sort of thing, though.  Glad I called her. So here's Grandma's remedy for getting rid of these marks in your sinks and tubs: Pour some white

    Nov 01,
  • One of our own here at Arndt Carpet Care has asthma, and we thought that this video about cleaning products affecting asthma sufferers was a very interesting piece of information.  Have a look:

    Sep 04,
  • Hey everyone, Justin here with an idea of how to help clean ketchup and any other gel-based stains from your carpet. As it turns out, we can't be there at every turn when you spill something (although, if you phone us, we'll come!) So, in order to minimize the time for that ketchup to soak into your brand-new carpet, as these spills usually go, here's a video we found to help.

    May 17,
  • Reducing dust mite allergies involves executing a comprehensive cleaning plan. If you own carpet, a major part of the dust mite battle starts there. Between hay fever, asthma and allergies, our family deals with dust mites almost every day of the year - winter, spring, summer or fall, not just allergy season. You may already know this - when people say, "I'm allergic to dust," they really mean that they're allergic to the feces and body parts of the dust mites. It's gross, I know. This means that you can't just kill the little fiends, you've got to get all of their leftover presents (and presence) out of your house. The easiest way to find out if you may have these living

    Apr 13,
  • When I got Arndt Carpet Care's FREE ODORCIDE WITH CARPET CLEAN sent through to me I wondered - how does this product work?  I figured that you might be wondering the same thing, so I did a bit of research. Odorcide 210 is a safe, economical and most importantly effective deodorizing product. Odorcide is a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that work through several actions. Those actions include chemical bonding, physical absorbtion and counteraction. These actions lead to one result, the complete elimination of odors. Odorcide also contains inhibitors that will control odors caused by further organic decomposition and residuals that continue to combat odors long after application. Odorcide 210 neutralizes and removes all types of odors including: Cat

    Apr 07,
  • Yes, we know all about those moments when it seems that your animal self-destructs and your left with something nobody wants on their rug or carpet. Animal soiling in any form can leave a horrid mess that stinks and stains. We are certainly familiar with this phenomenon as we had a dog - a German shepherd / lab mix - who ate just about anything he could get in his mouth and soon after would deposit it somewhere on the carpet. My apologies for being graphic. What you want to know is, "What do I do?" Step 1: Get as much of the offending material out of the carpet as soon as you can. This is the most crucial point in

    Mar 06,
  • That's right, Arndt Carpet Care has been using a combination of a pre-treatment spray and our truck-mounted extraction unit to get your carpets dry in no time.  We've been doing this here in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the metro area since we cleaned our first carpet and with our consistent outstanding results, we don't intend to change. We start with a standard vacuuming, followed by our light, non-allergenic cleaning spray.  Our family is allergic to everything under the sun and we use this in our home every six months. Then, if you are receiving our Deep Clean treatment, you will see the amazing RotoVac which scrubs your carpet, sprays a small amount of water down, and removes much of what

    Dec 18,
  • We let no comment on the website go unnoticed and last week Steven B. of Edina left us this wonderful message: Steven B. in Edina: I recently had a full-size couch and chair cleaned by Arndt Carpet Care service and I was really pleased wih their service. They seem to try harder than any other cleaning service I’ve ever dealt with. I would certainly recommend them to anybody. Thanks to Steven, he'll be receiving 10% off his next Arndt Carpet Care visit from us.  We really appreciate the kind words, Steven. You can become the customer of the week too!  C'mon over to the website at and tell us about your Arndt Carpet Care experience.  We would love to

    Apr 02,
  • Welcome back!  We hope you're enjoying the look and the potential of the new Arndt Carpet Care website.  Do make sure you follow us on Twitter @arndtcarpetcare to get notified when we post new, exclusive, and limited offers on Twitter and here on the website. Have a click around and let us know what you think! Cheers, Justin Arndt and the ACC Team

    Apr 22,